Monday, December 02, 2002

Aubrey Hart Sparks is an amazing and wonderful man. What a great guy.

After a light dinner, I took a cab down to his humble abode. First, I got a tour of the dungeon. Just amazing. A security code door rolled away and reaveled a playspace I can only dream of owning one day. We talked briefly, I filled out the paperwork, and then I took off my clothes and stowed them in a locker.

Then I got into the cage. I wasn't taken, beaten, or thrown in the cage. I got into the cage. The door was closed, and Aubrey handed me the Master Lock, telling me that when I was ready, I could put it on. Then we talked. The talking made the experience amazing. Aubrey said that just about everybody who approaches him wants to be abducted and forced into the cage. And that's understandable. His take on it is that people want to get to 'the other side of the wall,' and feel that they have to be taken there. But that's not the case. They can go there on their own.

Like, I can relate. Just like whipping. When ARt whipped me, my first thought when I got up that morning was, "It's not too late to call and say you can't go through with it. You can back out." I thought it would be a 'learning experience,' over in about fifteen minutes. After all, I was a lousy bottom. I'm a wuss. I can't take it. Well, I went to the place I'd never been before, and, more importantly, a place that I didn't think I was capable of going. After that, everything opened up for me. There's nothing I can't do. Especially with a competent Top who can guide me to that place. And, I've seen that in the men I've whipped. That stunned look. Not only did they go there, but they loved the trip.

Aubrey suggested that I spend some time stretching, finding different ways that I can extend my limbs, so that if and when I got a cramp, I would know how I could remedy that, and not have to be writhing around in pain trying to make it work. And, he said that although work and life and money and relationships were outside of the cage and couldn't get in, there might be a dragon in the cage with me that I would have to contend with. Aubrey told me to speak up, let him know what's going on.

And, (this part was amazing), he said that the cage was about holding. He was holding me. Touching me. The cage was an extension of him and his will.

Before I got in the cage, he put his arms around me, kissing me, squeezing me tight, lifting me off the ground. I'm a big guy, but he's a really big guy. Quiet, intent, strong. Talking to him through the bars of the cage was very, very, very hot.

Then, fumbling, I put the Master Lock in place, and clicked it shut. Aubrey got up, hit the button for the door, went out, closed the door behind him, and left me there in the cage. I saw the camera, there, observing me. So I started stretching. And that was pretty amazing. It was like dancing. I felt very much in my body, aware of my body, and the limitations on movement imposed by the cage. I started to sort of exploit the possibilities, finding what I could do. It got pretty acrobatic. It felt wonderful to be in my body. I didn't think. It wasn't about thinking. And, it wasn't about feeling, as in emotions, either. It was just about sensation. Steel is cold, and doesn't warm up with the body. The feel of my butt on the floor of the cage. The feeling of the blood coursing through my veins and arteriers. The air moving in and out of my lungs. I would grab the bars of the cage, flex my muscles isometrically, and feel which muscles stretched, down my arms, my shoulders, my back, the glutes, all the way down to my toes. Musculature is so interestingly connected, in ways that we're mostly not aware of.

"I could be sealed in a nutshell and count myself king of infinite space, were it not that I had bad dreams."

Well, here's the secret surprise: when you're in the nutshell, there are no bad dreams. And you get to be king of infinite space.

The cage was wonderful.

From time to time, Aubrey would descend the stairs, the door would grind open. He'd come in, and we'd talk, or he'd reach through the bars and stroke the nape of my neck or my cock. At one point, he came down the stairs and said, "Here's the fantasy. Maybe instead of letting you out as we agreed, I'll keep you. Maybe there's a magic wand I could wave and all the things that would stand in the way of that--your friends flipping out, your obligations--would go away. I could keep you here. Like I'd keep an animal." That sure did the trick for my cock. It was great in the cage. It was great being kept in the cage. Here's what made it really hot, though. I wondered, "Did Aubrey want to keep me in the cage? If he had that magic wand, would he want to use it? Did he desire to keep me in the cage?" Fantasizing that the answer was 'yes' was what I got off on.

Being the stag with the towering rack of antlers is hot. Being the stag and looking up and seeing the cougar eyeing you and wanting you is hotter. Like Auden said of the desire of the normal heart, not to be loved, but to be loved alone.

On another trip down the stairs, Aubrey brought me bread pudding and ice cream. The bowls were passed through the slot where the bowls get passed. I ate and placed the empty bowls on the floor outside.

Another time, he came down the stairs, and before he left, my wrists were restrained to the bars, I was blindfolded, and my cock and balls were roped off.

Then, Aubrey came down the stairs. We concluded the scene (if you want to find out the details, well, be in touch with Aubrey and spend some time in there). The lock was removed, I got out, stood, Aubrey held me, I got dressed.

I'm going to see if, before I leave Seattle, I can find another time slot. I want more.

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