Thursday, September 23, 2004

Assistance Needed!

Good news! My cage is complete! Pics are on the way to me via email, and I'll post them if possible.


Cagemaker Guy didn't quite follow the specs, and so it's bigger than designed. Not too much, six feet in diameter instead of five feet in diameter. But, it's too large to get into the back of my Jeep Liberty.

So how to get it from Providence, Rhode Island to my garage in Bucks County, Pennsylvania?

I need help with this. Know anybody with a truck or access to one who lives somewhere within the Providence-Philadelphia corridor? I'll pay cash money! (Not a lot, but some. Definitely buy dinner and give gas money.

Help. Please help. Help help help.

So. Anybody have a pickup? Anybody know anybody with a pickup? Anybody know anybody who knows anybody with a pickup?



If your answer is 'yes,' than by all means let me know. You can reach me via email at krrrush(at) That's three r's in krrrush.


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