Friday, September 24, 2004

Over The Shoulder

Another session tonight with Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire Joe Rose. (By the way, didj'y'all know that form of appelation was created by the New York Times? The definite article is missing. "Actress Glenn Close" instead of "the actress, Glenn Close.")

Not too much work done tonight. We made it from my shoulderblade up my neck and over my shoulder. Joe wrecked his knee getting his bike started, and he had a busy busy day. It seems that he's going to be on a show called The Makeover Story that appears on the Learning Channel. (And tuners-in would be learning what exactly?)

Makeover Story sounds a lot like Queer Eye, only without... y'know... queers. And, it's mostly girls they're making over. Joe and the gang from Lion's Den were part of a makeover the show did awhile ago, and the host and crew loved them to pieces. So much so that they asked Joe if he'd want a makeover.

Most of today involved them rampaging through Joe's adventurous wardrobe (featuring everything from the black AC/DC concert tshirts to a propeller beanie to blue fuzzy slippers with googly eyes to camoflage briefs). Joe was told not to shave for this day, as it's 'Before.' So he was all kindsa scruffy. Tomorrow is all about 'Transformation,' so Joe gets taken clothes shopping and visits a spa. Somehow I think I'll prefer Before to After.

Anyway, it goes without saying that it looks really great. It doesn't look like it will be complete in time for my birthday. But it's the journey and not the destination, right?

Oh! And I was a trooper tonight. Not a whimper, not a whine, little less howls of anguish came from me. Granted, mostly we were hitting muscular areas, although the neck and collarbone are no party.

Video fare was the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog dvd. I was roaring.

Anyway, the adrenaline ride has left me tired. I'm off to bed.

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