Friday, September 24, 2004

Cage Situation: In The Alternative...

Now if indeed I managed to get my new cage back here to the Old Homestead, it will promptly be dismantled and sit in the garage indefinitely. Soooo... I would sure be open to consider a long-term loan. In other words, if you have some dungeon space that could accommodate the niftiest cage you've ever seen (measuring six feet around and four feet high), and you're in that Fabled Providence-Philadelphia Corridor, then let's talk. All I would ask in return is to be able to use the cage to do a scene should the opportunity arise, and so that probably wouldn't be more than two or three times a year max. And, of course, that would be at your convenience. I wouldn't just go barging into your dungeon to take over. And if the dungeon space is commercial, we can talk about that, too. Lord knows it was built to last.

So. Interested in having a cage around the house?

Lemme know.

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