Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hey... I'm Gay...


Checking on GeekSlut's blog, I found a link and a mention regarding this. A confab of gay bloggers in the Nation's Capital.

It's that ol' high school feeling again.

Geekslut, Addaboy, Jimbo, DogPoet, jockohomo... When I was starting out, I read these guys all the time. I met Addaboy for lunch once. I've chatted with Jimbo on AOL about MAL. I think DogPoet had a link for me on his blog. They were heroes and role models.

But... I mean... whaddamI? Chopped liver?

I think I have a kinda good blog going here. I'm gay. I would miss my brother's funeral if there was a conflict with Queer Eye. My favorite cocktail is a cosmo. I swear! I'm gay as a goose!

But somehow I just didn't make it onto the A-List of gay bloggers. Or the B-list. Or the C-list. Or, y'know, the R-List.

Well, yeah but so what. Story of my life.

Mondo Gay has always left me on the outside looking in. I don't quite measure up, and they're always switching the yardsticks on me.

But then there's the leather community. Somehow I think that if various and sundry leather community bloggers were to have a national confab, I'd be on the list. Cuz I'm on the list. I am totally on the list.

Acceptance and love. The warm arms of welcome giving me a big ol' bear hug.

That's what I get from the leather community.

Thanks, leather community.

Anybody up for meeting me in DC on October 24th, spending some time smoking cigars at DC9--say from 5pm till 8pm--so the place is nice and stinky before those homo bloggers show up?

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