Saturday, September 25, 2004

What's Doin' With The Most Fierce And Fearsome Leatherman In The Delaware Valley?

Viciously whipping a linebacker from the local college football team into tearful submission?

Throwing some punk street urchin boy into the sling and filling his hot boyass up with a load of piss?

Introducing a trainer from my gym to the joys and rapture of having 200+ pounds of steel chain padlocked on his rockhard body and keeping him there till he smokes a big fat maduro down to the ring?



Today was all about housecleaning. I vacuumed. I dusted. I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. My countertops are gleaming. The carpets are free of all dog hair. There are two enormous garbage bags less clutter that will go out on the curb on Tuesday night.

And, I followed Faithful Companion around with paper towels all day. Y'see, FC must have picked up a bug in doggie lock-up. He's been throwing up about a six times an hour. I kinda don't mind dealing with FC's vomit. Any chump can play with a puppy and take a dog around the block. But cleaning up shit, piss, and vomit... that takes love.

And after dinner (Cream Chip Beef on Toast!), I fixed brownies (of course they're from scratch) for Dear Old Dad.

Bike Stop tonight?

Nah. Way too late.

How about the Raven in New Hope.

Eh. I'll pass.

A good night's sleep.

Tomorrow, I'll be cleaning the bathrooms, burning the trash, and... chopping firewood! Yup, it's that time of year. Winter approaches, the leaves show their colors, and we'll need to keep warm.

Yeah. This Fierce and Fearsome Leatherman has the homefront covered and the homefires burning.

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