Sunday, September 12, 2004

Somewhere In Michigan...

It's Sunday at Inferno. The men who only did Session A are packing up and leaving, heading home. The men who only are doing Session B are arriving. The fresh meat. Smiling. Coming home. Home to that Once-A-Year-Brigadoon. To the only place that all of us really feel ourselves to be ourselves. Home. Among men we love. Every offer holding out the promise of life changing adventure. That Valhalla of the Heroes. So much love there.

The weather has been beautiful. Right now, it's 81 degrees and clear. No doubt people have headed to the beach, are strolling through the little resort town. Renewing friendships. Falling in love two dozen times a day.

Ah Inferno. My Inferno. I miss you so much.

And Diabolique and ARt and Alpha and roadkill and pluG and Michael and Mel and Greg and John and JP and Frank and all the rest of them... What an extraordinary phenomenon. Year by year, the story unfolds.

But for me, not this year. Not this year.


Ah well. mondaytuesdaywednesdaythursdayDELTA! Delta and Big. In a few short days, I'll be sleeping in the arms of my Sir. Meeting new people. Finding my way to dinner. Staying up late. Complaining about the food. Catching up with men I know. Watching the magic of a scene unfold as two men search out the excellence in themselves and in each other. And, he'll catch my eye, I'll catch his. Where're you from? Cool. Like that town. Only been there once though. Sorry I didn't meet up with you when I did. Yeah, I think you're pretty hot too. Woof. Yeah? Cool. So what all do you get into? Yeah? As a Top or as a bottom? I like flogging. I like flogging a lot. Although the way I flog has evloved some. It's not so much flogging anymore as... well, I'm not sure what to call it. Instead of being six feet away from you, I want to be up close, looking in your eyes, so I've had to adapt. Yeah, it is hot. Or it can be. I like the intimacy. Smelling you. Feeling your body against mine. Tasting your sweat. Hearing you sing your song. Yeah? Up for that? Good. Me too. Let's see if we can find an open spot...

Oh man.

If I have only one life to live, please God, let me live it as a leatherman.

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