Sunday, September 12, 2004

Ferocious Beast On A Leash!

Yesterday, Saturday, I had to head out early to help my brother move stuff. Before I headed over there, I took Faithful Companion out for a walk. There, in the middle of the driveway, was a plump grey field mouse.

This would be my second encounter with mice in the driveway. The first time, I couldn't figure out what this puir wee beastie was doing in the middle of the driveway. This time, it was obvious.

Y'see, my father has an exterminator come a couple of times a year. Among the evil things he does is plant mouse bait around. The poison acts such that the mice get insatiably thirsty, so they leave the house to find water. And die outside instead of in the house. Outside.

And don't seem to make it much further than the driveway.

I cursed the exterminator, cursed the mouse bait, and picked up the little dying mouse and put him off the driveway, in the yard.

Faithful Companion was verrrry interested in the mouse.

I took F.C. for his walk, and on the way back, saw him head for the mouse. I steered him away. I was distracted by something or other, and looked down to see Faithful Companion looking like... well, not quite like the cat who swallowed the canary, because instead of yellow feathers, Faithful Companion had a mouse tail hanging out of his mouth.

"Leave it!" I ordered. (This was a great command that the trainer I used when I got Faithful Companion taught me. Er... us. When he picks up something on the street in his mouth, "Leave it!" has him drop it.

Leave It did the trick, and out plopped the mouse into the grass behind the sidewalk leading to the back door.

Okay. Time to get over to my brothers.

Job one was clearing out the car. My gym bag, my folding chair, my beach kit, books, cigars, coffee mugs... Get it all out. I was making trips from the car to the back porch, and I looked down and found that Faithful Companion had found his way out of the house and was checking out what I was doing?

'Does this mean we're going for a ride???" he wondered. I lured him into the back of the jeep, and then went into the house to get his leash. And as I headed up the sidewalk, I notiiced...

The mouse was gone!

Looks like Faithful Companion made a stop before heading over to me clearing out my jeep.

Uh oh.

I wasn't too concerned about Faithful Companion eating a mouse. But eating a poisoned mouse... Relative body weight should mean a dose sufficient to kill a mouse shouldn't be lethal for a dog, but maybe not. I had to get to my brother's, but I asked my dad to keep an eye on Faithful Companion.

The day passed without an urgent phone call, and Faithful Companion seems to be doing just fine.

So field mice beware! Faithful Companion has tasted your blood, and he likes it.

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