Saturday, October 23, 2004

Alas and Alack

No ink last night.

Darn it.

I showed up for my appointment, rearin' to go. Three weeks ago, we made it to my shoulder, and I was hoping to make it from there, down my arm, to my wrist. Just in time for my 40th. But when I got to Lion's Den Tattooing, Tony, another artist, told me that Joe hadn't made it in to work that day. They had tried to call me, but apparently had the wrong number. So he suggested I call after the weekend to make another appointment.

So my tattoo won't be done for my 40th birthday, but will be done 'around' my 40th birthday. I can live with that.

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Gloveman said...

Happy Bday Drew!
Hey have you ever seen the movie Rundown with the wrestler The ROck in it? there some interesting Whip scenes in it? Just rewatched it and got warm fuzzy feeling of you.