Saturday, October 16, 2004

Top Tip

I just had a great idea!

On Lolita's Predictions & Predilections, she fielded a question about how to fly with SM gear. Although Lolita reports that she's never had anything go missing, she knows people who have. These days, airport security opens up just about every bag. Althought if you check stuff, there's no reason for them to confiscate it, theft is always a concern, especially when you're having some airline security schmo inspect your Joe Wheeler singletail whip.

So here's my idea. Get one of those cables they use to lock up bicycles. (Or used to. The cables deter only the most inept of bicycle theives. You can get through them with your garden variety wire cutter.) Most whips and floggers have looped handles braided into them, and I can't think of much in the way of my own gear that I couldn't secure in some fashion or another. So, although a determined theif could get through, I think having all of your whips and floggers secured to a cable would probably ward off the vast majority who might be tempted to explore their SM inclinations at your expense.

The good ideas keep on comin' here at SingleTails.

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Lolita said...

Ha! I am usually already carrying chain and locks in my bags anyway. Might as well have them do double duty.

In the meantime, one of Peggy's play partners found the missing Heartwood in their own bag. Very good because it was an original Jannette. I was happy to hear it but bummed out because her Chrsitmas present was going to be a replacement. Luckily she still wants me to buy her a new flogger anyway.

I also had another idea for protecting toys in luggage. Not sure how fesible it is, tho. Maybe putting the toys in a red biohazard bag??? Whaddya think?