Monday, October 11, 2004

Highly Recommended!

Tonight, in addition to watching the Houston Astros hand the Atlanta Braves their sorry asses on a platter (as of the seventh inning anyway), I took in a DVD I picked out of the discount racks at the supermarket a few months back.

Dan smiled approvingly. (Dan, dreamy delectable Dan, my favorite check-out boy, with ice blue eyes, a blond beard, and a shaved head, and neath those baggy jeans a butt you could set a mug of beer on... Why do the gods place these creatures in my path???!!)



The DVD was Christopher Guest's most recent offering, A Mighty Wind. It is really a great movie. Oh man. I think it's my favorite of the three. There's a depth to the characters, particularly Eugene Levy and Kathleen O'Hara (brilliant!) that's unsurpassed by either Guffman or Best In Show, good as they are.

If'n you haven't seen it, get hold of a copy sometime soon. It's loopy, it's poignant, it's astonishing.

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