Sunday, October 17, 2004

Faith In Humanity: Restored!

So I head to the supermarket to buy lamb for lentil stew for me and my father. While there, I realize I need to get some cigarets. So I go up to the little manager's counter. And wait and wait and wait. Finally, out comes the hot cub of an assistant manager. In front of me, he plops down my wallet. He said he looked at the picture on my license and remembered me immediately as the guy that always buys cigarets.

Do I mind him seeing the pictures of me and Special Guy, the PhillyPhisters membership card, ,the New York Bondage Club card, and all the rest of it? No. Emphatically, No. I do not. Maybe he'll start stalking me. That would be nice.

Anyway, I have my wallet back to me. All the paranoia about the Finder vanishes like the mist.


Of course, I called my bank and credit card folks and tried to get my cancellations reversed, and that's impossible. So I'll have to pretend it's 1979 for the next week or so.

Ah well.


beaver4 said...

SIR: So glad to see that you got your wallet back. I have been through it and know what an unpleasant pain in the ass it can be.

Obediently, Beaver4

Gloveman said...

Ur still on the cigarettes buddy? Thot when you got into cigars they replaced them??