Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cross Fingers. Light Candles. Make Offerings To The Gods.

Second round of interviews is this Thursday. In the a.m., I meet with the staff. In the p.m., I meet with the full board. My deduction is that there's one other person I'm up against, so my chances must be in the neighborhood of 50/50. And those aren't bad odds.

Nervous? A little. But just because it would be so great.

But more confident than nervous. I'd be really good. It would work well.

And that guy... The guy from the hot tub...

He was unavailable all weekend. Which made me a little crazy. For a little while, I had just about convinced myself that I'd been fired. (As the kids say.) But then I get this sweet, wonderful email from him waiting for me when I got home from work on Monday. When he called me 'Daddy,' I just melted.

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