Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Do I Need A New Supermarket?

So tonight, stopping off for groceries at SuperFresh StoopidFresh, there at the checkout counter, I was asked if I had my bonus card.

"Of course!" I answered, "I never leave home without my bonus card!"

Y'know, just me being palsy. Everybody's buddy. Making friends wherever I go.

As I searched my wallet, it registered at some level that I wasn't hearing any kind of response from the young woman ringing me up. I glanced up at her. And recognized her. She was the one who was working the register during the infamous Clifford The Big Red Dog incident.

And she had this look on her face, approximately saying, "You've just confirmed everything I suspected about you. That's all I need to know."

Okay. Whaddyawant from me. I'm a nutjob. I'll own it.

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