Friday, May 11, 2007

In The Stars?

I give no credence whatsoever to astrology. When Pluto was declared not to be a planet, I smirked thinking about all the star charts that had to be revised.

That said, walking Faithful Companion just now, I saw the constellation of my birth sign, Scorpio, just above the treetops in the southern sky. Antares, the bright star in the tail, was distinctly red. And right near by was a planet, shining brightly. Since Venus is usually only visible in the morning or the evening sky, it's probably Mars. Or Jupiter. But maybe it is Venus...

I'm wondering this because I have a date tomorrow after softball. And it's quite the exceptional date. Because for the first time in YEARS, I'm asked instead of asking. And the guy has been pretty persistent since we met, on the grass pier at the end of Christopher Street, three weeks ago. He called! Three times! And as he's a smokin' hot man, his attention is certainly welcome.

So we'll see.

But I take Venus (even if it wasn't Venus, I've decided that it was) in Scorpio to be a good sign.

Not that I believe in signs.

But I'm open to them.

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