Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Religion And Politics

Tonight was the final night of the Adult Formation group at my church. (If my father were to read that sentence, he'd sing out with a 'Hallelujah!" since it means that he eats dinner late on Wednesdays since I get home late after the doings.

It's been a wonderful experience, taking us all on a journey of inquiry, through the basic theology as embodied in the creed, and a survey of the history of our faith, aptly titled "From Jerusalem To Our Town." The format was a wee bit too didactic for my tastes (I think that theology is a conversation, not a lecture), but I really enjoyed getting to know the other folks in the group, and I learned some things I didn't know and gained a new perspective.


The Padre made the statement that the old saw about "avoiding talking about religion or politics" was hooey. And there was general agreement all around. So of course, for a bit, we launched into a little bit about politics. And discussed the 2008 election.

Here's how the conversation went.

Retired Grandmother: I think it's wonderful that two of the front runners are a woman and an African American.

Woman Research Scientist: And I'm not voting for either one of them.

Retired Grandmother: Neither am I! She's too wishy-washy!

Retired Grandfather: And he doesn't have enough experience.

Me: I like the Mexican American in the race.

Woman Research Scientist: He certainly has the best qualifications!

Retired Grandmother: But his name is Richardson! So no one knows he's Latino!

Working Mom: But if they do know, it sure adds depth! He is pretty great.

Yay Bill Richardson!

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