Saturday, May 05, 2007

Intolerable Risk

Holy Crap!

John McCain, who I sent a check to back in 2000, luvs luvs luvs Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and feels that serving in the military as an openly gay man or a lesbian presents an intolerable risk.

Okay. Beyond the idiocy of this. Before Bush-Cheney-Rove delivered the Republican Party over to the christo-fascist Right, there used to be an entity called the Log Cabin Republicans. They were Republicans, but they were also homos, and worked admirably to make room in the allegedly Big Tent of the GOP for butt-fuckers and the like. And in the run up to the 2000 election, they were making some real progress. There was a thing in the news when then candidate George W. Bush refused to meet with them (his father had), and instead met with his own gays (who in restrospect must have been a scary bunch).

So, where are they? Why aren't they clamoring for meetings with all the Republican contenders this year? Surely McCain, who I believe has a history with them, could have been headed off at the pass before saying something hateful and idiotic like that.

Where are they?

Probably they've all switched sides, in terms of how they vote of course, not who they bed. Bush has made it clear: there's no room in the Republican Party for the likes of you.

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