Friday, May 18, 2007

No Facial Hair, No Second Glance

Oh man! This is so cool! Thanks, Sports Illustrated! (And I thought all they were about was their swimsuit issue!)

Joe Namath looks great. Ditto Dale Earnhardt, Sr. But one notable omission is former Seattle Mariners' right fielder Jay Buhner. Buhner's outrageous behavior endeared him to Seattlites, and to me.

Since SI seems to have forgotten Buhner, I'll post one of my favorite pics of him. This doesn't show off his great beard, but a Google search will help you out there. To get this one, you'd have to dig a little deeper.


Buhner is the guy in the jeans. I believe it was taken at the on-the-field ceremony honoring him at his retirement from MLB in front of a packed stadium.

Love that guy.

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