Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Forgot to mention.

I'm Old now.

Up at the gay campgrouund this past weekend, there were like ten guys sitting around after dinner one night. And Man of Discipline mentioned Jimmy Sommerville.

And every other guy there was like, "Jimmy Sommer-who?"

If this was Logan's Run--and I'm betting none of youse know about that either, do you?--then it possibly would have been even more awkward.


Xris said...

Oh, my.

What are they teaching young people in our schools these days?

beaver4 said...

You got me, but I am really old.

'bastian said...

If this was Logan's Run we all be killed off by now.

BTW, isn't it crazy that Logan's Run won for best special effects only one year before Star Wars. Best Special effects!