Thursday, May 10, 2007

You Got The Look

Doubtless many of you are wondering, what's the next look you'll adopt?

Let's review.

Round about the time I started writing this, I was doing the Flash Gordon In The 25th Century look, lots of leather and zip up performance wear shirts. While working at Wuperior Soodcraft, there was a heavy Carhartt influence in what I was wearing. Then came the western wear thing, along with everybody else who saw Brokeback Mountain. And last summer, I was all about "Porn Star Going To A Meeting To Renegotiate His Contract."

So what's up next?

Think in terms of "running in slow motion means you're going really fast."

I'm talking, of course, about Col. Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man. That red track suit unzipped to his navel, the tight wranglers and denim shirts, and the occasional flight suit. Steve Austin had it going on.

Steve Austin was, to be sure, the erotic center of my grade school days. Portrayed by former NFL quarterback Lee Majors, I couldn't get enough of that bionic guy. And to be sure, I did my fair share of running around the back yard in slow motion and I couldn't help my mother with the groceries without lifting the bag one handed and making that shi-shi-shi-shi-shi sound.

There seems to be a lot of SMDM up on youtube, so I'll spend some time studying up. And maybe trying on my dads shirts from the seventies with the really wide collars to see if they fit me.

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