Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another Word About Iraq

Maybe I've been reading too much of Andrew Sullivan's blog lately. Or maybe it's just on my mind a lot.


So the rejoinder to the "let's get out now" thing is often, "Yeah, but we broke it, so we're responsible to fixing it."

And I find that compelling. But only up to a point.

If we could buy our way out of the situation, increasing our already huge national debt, paying more taxes (and I hate paying more taxes), hell, even cutting my social security benefits and such. I'd be for that.

BUT, it's not worth the further loss of American lives. It's just not. Let Iraq and the region descend into chaos, reduce our effectiveness to prevent Al Quada from setting up training camps, and cause enormous suffering to the iraqi people. So be it. For generations, it will be a huge black mark on our nation, but I don't care.

And as the Baron pointed out to me the other day, the principle charges brought at the Nuremburg trials concerned the invasion of Poland, a sovereign state, on trumped up, untrue cause belli.

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sebastian said...

I believe it would be worth risking at least some more American lives if we were likely to be substantially improving the situtation in any kind of short time. But we aren't, and that is the problem.