Sunday, April 22, 2007

yeah, but you've just had Hurricane Katrina to deal with while we've had decades of corruption and incompetence!

It was reported in the local news here how New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, who was in Philadelphia recently to see our urban blight efforts (I cannot imagine what that would be all about), dissed the City of Brotherly Love when he got back home, saying it was a dirty, dirty town.

He doesn't know the half of it! He left out the two other D words proposed by SingleTails as the new tourist board slogan for the city: Dirty! Dour! Dangerous! Philadelphia!!!

So, lemme get this straight. Essentially Mayor Nagin, whose city was devastated by hurricanes and flooding, was saying, "But gosh, if you want to see a city where they've got it really bad, go to Philadelphia."

I couldn't agree more!

The best part was the local NBC affiliate showed a text of Nagin's remarks to sundry philadelphians (you could see their lips moving as they read the New Orleans Mayor's remarks) to get a response.

"Hey! I'm proud to be from Philly!" was the most that could be mustered.

Case you didn't know, Philadelphia has the highest poverty rate of any large city in America; they're well on our way to surpassing 2006's eye-popping murder rate; a priceless collection of incompetent, mediocre hacks are vying to replace the current incompetent, mediocre hack of a mayor; and you still can't find a place to park in Center City should you have the profound misfortune of having to visit the place.

But I love those cheesesteaks and soft pretzels!

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Sebastian said...

So what is the problem with Philadelphia? Why is it so out of control?