Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cleveland Rocks!

Yay. Yay! YAY!

I am going to CLAW. I've wanted to get to CLAW for years now. Such the great event. Never having been there, I base that on the following information...

1. Dennis and bob, who started the whole ball rolling, are two of the best guys you'd ever want to know.

2. There's no contest! Just good ol' SM and cammeraderie without the distraction of one of those goddamn annoying pageants going on.

3. There are "outings" built in. Tragically, because they're on the road this time, that won't include going to see the Cleveland Indians. (Hopefully, before I die, I'll get to see a baseball game in the middle of a block of seats filled with leathermen.) But, there will be museum trips, and there's always the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

4. It's in Cleveland! A million years ago, I had a night at the local leather watering hole, the Leather Stallion, that can only be described as Sick. And I mean that both as kids today use that word, as high praise, and in the more conventional sense.

5. I can drive there. Unlike SmokeOut in Vegas and Wet'n'Wild in Palm Springs. That means that if the opportunity presents itself, I can lay 200 lbs of chain secured with padlocks on some hot men.

And it gets better! I have been asked to do a workshop on flagellation! I only have 45 minutes, so as much as I'd like it to be a hands-on thing, I'll be lucky if I get time to do a decent demo. But it's certainly a subject near and dear to my heart, and I'm definitely gonna give it my all.

So if you have plans that weekend, cancel'em. Whatever you have going on, you'll have way more fun in Cleveland.

There on Lake Erie
Leathermen gather for fun,
even with no baseball.

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Blobby said...

ahhh. Travis Hafner and Ryan Garko. sigh!