Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No. Way.

Check here to read some reportage on Rudolph W. Giuliani's comments on why we need a Republican in the White House to stop more terrorist attacks on the scale of September 11th.

I mean...


Grab my hand as we leap over the logical chasm that having a Republican in the White House and a Republican (namely Rudy) in City Hall didn't stop the original September 11th terrorist attack. (And gosh, said Republican in the White House ignored many indications that Al Quada was planning that attack and said Republican in City Hall set up an emergency command bunker in the World Trade Center and was heading there when the towers collapsed.)

Rudy specifically points to "waving the white flag in Iraq, dismantling of electronic surveillance and weakening of the Patriot Act as the reasons why a Democrat in the White House would result in large scale terrorism.

I guess that means that a Republican in the White House would mean that we'd see continued and escalated waste of American lives in Somebody Else's Civil War, the further erosion of civil liberties, and a Big Brother government that George Orwell on meth couldn't begin to conceive.

That's all I need to hear.

The man's totalitarian tendencies were checked as mayor of New York City by an uppity press corps and very active and activist constituents, ensuring that he only managed to successfully bring the hammer down on the weakest adversaries. But as President, he'd take way too many pages from the Bush-Cheney playbook of the Supreme Executive.

It would be a mess.

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Bill Pearson said...

Re: Rudy Giuliani's comments...
When I grow up I want to be Keith Olbermann.
His amazing response tonight on Countdown to Giuliani's apalling remarks: