Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A New Path

So today, I called four calls in the area (Drexel, Stevens Institute of Technology, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and NYU), and asked to set up a meeting with someone to discuss their Construction Management programs. Next Wednesday, I'll be heading down to Philadelphia to meet with a guy from Drexel. NYU has a "stop by any time, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5" situation going on, so I'll think about what day I can get up to NYC. I didn't hear back from Stevens or NJIT. (What up, New Jersey? Don' leave me hangin'!)

And I've been sitting with the whole thing, thinking about it.

Last night, I had an interesting insight. That whole goal-setting thing? Y'know, have a dream, go for it, make it all happen... Well, never done that.


My life has sort of gone this way: an opportunity presents itself, a door opens, I walk through.

Like that.

Or a challenge presents itself, a problem comes up, I deal with it. That kind of thing.

I guess you could call it "reactive" rather than "pro-active." (Although let's be clear, "pro-active" is not a word. There's no distinction between the word pro-active and the word active. I'm just aping corporate speak.)

But holy heck! That would seem to be what I'm doing now, huh?

There's me... Mister Construction Manager!

I'm all kinds of sought after because I'm up on green building practices, and I'm expert at realizing high end architectural elements ( that Richard Meier on the phone???). Given my background, I'm sought after by non-profit organizations in managing capital projects so that the new building allows for growth but reflects the mission and vision of the agency...


I would love that. All I have to do is figure out what I have to do to get from here to there. And then do that.

Goal setting, in other words.

And not be crippled with self-doubt.

For once.

I hope.

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Amanda said...

Goal setting can be a great challenge.