Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I, Taxpayer


On the last possible day!

I have not been looking forward to filing my taxes. Because of that whole question of "How am I going to pay if I owe anything?"

I usually break even on Federal taxes but have to send a check to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

But the news here is good!

I'm getting a refund of $500 from the Feds, and I owe nothing to Pennsylvania. (Happily, I remembered a buddy of mine years ago when I lived in Philadelphia who was obsessing about him always driving us in that oh-so-walkable city so he could use a parking garage. He explained that he needed the receipts for taxes. While I was working at the Previous Place of emPloyment, whenever I had to go into Center City, which was often, I would make sure to get a parking receipt and save it. This year I learned why that's a good thing if you live in Pennsylvania: because un-reimbursed business expenses can be claimed as deductions on your State taxes. I have receipts to the tune of $209.50. Thanks, Ray, wherever you are!)

So that's over for another year. I can stop sweating and worrying.

Starting tomorrow, I'll call the IRS and demand to know when the hell I'm going to receive my refund.

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