Wednesday, August 25, 2004

At Long Last


Having given up all hope, I decided to give it another shot and buy some strawberries. All the strawberries I've had this summer have been all but flavorless. Strawberries are tricky. Although I came late to it, I I've gotten pretty good at picking fruit. It's a simple, three step process.

Step One: Look pretty? If it's red, is that a nice shade of red? We like that.

Step two: Pick it up. Is it heavier than it's size would reckon? That means it's juicy.

Step Three: Hold the stem end up to your nose. Does the zucchini smell like zucchini? Does the apple smell like an apple? Smell and taste are essentially the same sense. So if it smells flavorful, it's gonna be flavorful.

And you're good to go.

But that doesn't work with strawberries, does it? There they are, sealed in their wee plastic coffins. It's always a crapshoot, and during this summer, full of rain.

But finally I lucked out. Tonight I took a chance again and brought home one of those little plastic coffins. After dinner (eggs!), after I cleaned up the kitchen, I sat down with CMT on and decided to sample them.


What's as good as a good strawberry? And nine out of ten of them were good strawberries. So sweet, so juicy, so full of flavor.

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