Friday, August 13, 2004

Something About Jimmy

My former governor is gay!

I never liked Jim McGreevey. He always struck me as being a hack totally devoid of imagination. Bret Shundler, on the other hand, made a great mayor of Jersey City. One of the only mayors of Jersey City not to leave office by indictment.

And it will be sort of interesting to have an Openly Gay Governor for the next three months in the Garden State. Kind of a first.

Unfortunately, it seems that McGreevey did what Bill Clinton didn't: abuse the powers invested in him by the State of New Jersey, getting his sweetie a cushy job in the State House. (And putting your boy in charge of Homeland Security kinda shows that endeavor for the sham it is, huh? He couldn't have put him in charge of developing trade between New Jersey and Sardinia or something?)

Here's a hot tidbit: my current governor, Ed Rendell, has a really hairy back.

Mum's the word on how I come by this information. Tongues may wag as tongues are wont to do.

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