Sunday, August 08, 2004

Just A[n Existential] Thought

I'm surprised that life doesn't offer more in the way of... novelty. ...Of variety. ...Of possibility.

It's like your walking down a path, and your treading in the footprints of the hundreds and thousands and millions of people who have walked down that same path. The Road Less Traveled is an illusion, to be sure.

I always imagined that my life would be Different. That I'd hack my way through the underbrush alone, off into unmapped terrain. But now. No matter which way I turn, there are those footprints into which I'm putting my own feet.

And after me will come hundreds and thousands and millions of more people, obliterating my footprints with their own.

There should be more in the way of option.

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Hoss said...

I rather think we walk abreast. The companionship is good, but it keeps us from seeing things the same way. No matter how close I am to you, I can never see it from the same angle. The sun hits my eyes from a different angle, and I may never feel the wind that blows from your far side. I like to think we each leave our own prints; row upon row, flank upon flank...out across time. Look! I'm waving from down here! Yoo Hoo!