Thursday, August 26, 2004

Day of the Jug

I've got this big orange (and a great shade of orange, sort of a burnt orange) plastic jug.

I'm collecting my urine!

Can SingleTails readers look forward to an account of a hot water sports scene sometime soon? I wish. No, it's much more pedestrian. When I had my check up a week or so ago, the urinalysis proved inconclusive in some way. (Relax. No need to cue the Dark Victory soundtrack just yet.) So my doctor asked me to collect my urine over a twenty-four hour period, rather than just one shot. So I started after work yesterday, and today after work, I'll be taking The Jug to the testing place.

I'm going to be particularly attentive to what the person to whom I deliver The Jug says when I hand it in. I'm hoping for a 'Thanks!' or maybe even a 'Good job!' What would you say when presented with a jug full of urine? Well, no sense asking you, you're one sick puppy. At least I assume you are as you're reading SingleTails.

And this ought to make for an interesting day at work, huh?

Albeit an early one. I'm due in at 6 a.m. I hate that. Makes for such a long day. And I'll be spent afterwards. But we've got all these jobs that are Shipping Tomorrow! I hate these created emergencies. What's the goofy sign that office drones hang over their desks read? "Please do not assume that a catastrophe on your part implies an emergency on my part"? Something like that.

Gotta go! Time to get in the shower. And, make another donation to The Jug.

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