Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Very Model

Good day.

The worst thing that happened today was I was unable to pick up a half-galllon of Rosenberger's Iced Tea on my way to work. All they had was Rosenbergers Mint Tea. To my shock and horror, I learned from the label that it was, in fact, a purely herbal concoction, and thus, absent any scintilla of caffeine. I was dragging myself around.

But, I sure perked up at lunch. Today was the day that I gave my sanding presentation to the Whole Shop. At the outset, I was asked what the title was for my presentation. Without missing a beat, I replied, "Monster Sanding Table."

Nobody fell asleep. And it seemed to be overall well received. As well received as listening to someone talk about sanding for fifteen minutes can be, I guess.

After work, when I arrived at Starbucks, there was much buzz. It seems that Actor Guy (who is unbelievably gorgeous... when the weather is warm, we all compete to sit at his table so that we can be carressed by the breeze generated by his lush, blond eyelashes) got a call from the Ford Modeling Agency, to whom he had sent his headshots and resume.

Didn't I tell ya? I believe I did mention here several months ago that any moment he'd be plucked from our midst and plopped up on a billboard eleven stories high looming over Houston Street.

He actually is very serious about his acting. He trudges up to NYC every Saturday to go to a workshop, he's been in an independent film, and has done some extra work. He's terrifically compelling. He has what they call 'presence.' But he's a genuine, good guy. A framer by trade. Can't fault a man who earns his living as a framer.

I mentioned my mulling evicting my deceased sister's ex-husband's cousin, and he asked to be my roommate. I think my reply was something along the lines of 'humina-humina-humina-humina...' There I'd be, sabotaging the furnace before we head to bed, in order to contrive a way to get into his bed.

And he reads books, too!

Okay okay okay. I know. There I go getting all krrrushed out on a straight guy again.

Oh. But one more interesting tidbit. He mentioned at one point that he 'kinda liked' sunburn. The physical sensations it brings. He said that he really loved it when his back was all sunburned and sensitive and a 'girl with long fingernails' runs her fingers down his back.

Uh huh.

How about after you've been flogged for a while and somebody lightly runs their fingers over your back? Like that?

I bet he would.

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