Thursday, August 19, 2004

Balls O' Fire

At this point, whenever I wear the chain collar or chrome cockring from Big, I break out. Red, itchy, and scaley. I miss wearing the collar keenly, and so I've been making do with a leather thong. But I can't not wear the cockring. So what I've been doing is keeping it on until I can't stand it anymore, and then giving it a rest for a few day. And, it's summer, and summer for me has always meant jock itch.

All this adds up to some really really itchy balls. I savor the rare opportunities presented to me when I can just scratch away, going hog wild. I'm finding that my Starbuck's card, always in my pocket, makes a very useful tool for this purpose.

I know I know I know. You're not supposed to scratch. But I have always been a scratcher. Never able to resist an itch. So I bleed. So what? It feels good.

And, I suspect that scratching is less abrasive than my other way of... *ahem* "treating" my situation. Y'see, when I get in the shower in the morning, the water is initially really hot before I adjust it. Hot as in intolerably so. Except--you guessed it--on my balls. I just let the steaming water flow over them. It feels wondeful. Absolutely wonderful.

And, it tends to make them verrrry sensitive. Just a wee tickle and it has the sensation of electricity.

So yeah! I'm a balls scratchin', cigar smokin', whip wieldin', cabinet makin', stick weldin', leather wearin', dog walkin', latte swillin' kinda guy.

The World best make room for me.


Lolita said...

Your chain and cockring may contain nickel and you may have a nickel allergy. This is fairly common. My girlfriend breaks out from nickel. I also developed a nickel allergy after about 60 days into wearing a chain that was soldered on my neck for 90 days. (I wore a lot of turtlenecks those last 30 days!)

I recommend that you switch to stainless steel. It's a little more expensive but you're worth it. Unless you like scratching yourself bloody...

Oh, and I got Slaveboy a titanium cockring from Mr S. Very pretty and no worries about metal alergies.

Hoss said...

My darling:
As usual your post is...vivid. I second Lolita's advice. As usual.