Friday, August 13, 2004


I love the Olympics. Like nothing else. Whatever the sport, it don' matter. (Well, I'll admit that curling in the Winter Olympics doesn't do a lot for me.) But just the whole thing... some kid from nowheresville gettin' out there, and despite adversity (there's always adversity) giving it his or her all.

The Opening Ceremonies were fantastic. Just stunning. I would've given anything to see it live.

Now I'm settling in, watching the Parade of Nations. (My father doesn't even look up when I give up a 'Woof!' any more.) And there were Woofs a plenty. An Iraqi, a Dutchman, an Afgani, an Estonian, and an Icelander were pretty memorable.

And speaking of Iraq, how about that? Isn't that cool that they have a team competing? I hope their boxer gets a medal. From what I've heard he's pretty goood.

Woof! Love those Poles! Look at that swimmer!

And omigosh! Cambodia! An entire generation wiped out by the Khmer Rouge, and they've got an Olympic Team! Go Cambodia!

Rwanda! Go Rwanda! I wonder what the mix of Hutuus and Tutsis is on the team!

Go Russia! I love the Russians! And they're wearing flat front pants. Not like some of those other coutnries that seem to be clinging to pleated pants. Get with it, people!

Alas. We are busy at work. So I'm not sure how much of the Olympics I'll get to watch. I'm working tomorrow--that would be Saturday--and will probably be doing ten hour days all next week. I got kinda huffy about that. I wouldn't mind if that were the exception rather than the rule, but it seems to be every other week. I don't mind the overtime money, in fact I welcome it. But I'd feel a lot better if I got the impression that management felt that this constant and ever present backlog was a problem that could use addressing.

Anyway. Bring on those women power lifters!

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