Thursday, August 05, 2004

Come September


An exciting development.

T'other night, Keckler sent me an email. Keckler is my sponsor for Delta. (BTW, I'm pronouncing it the way the Russians refer to the airline, "Dyelta," with the 'l" pronounced at the back of the throat, the way you probably pronounce the first 'l' in "lull.") Keckler generously offered to sponsor Big, too.

I emailed Big and extended the offer, giving him, to the best of my ability, my understanding of the best (the scenes! the friendship! the time we'd have together) and the worst (the food! the 8 am breakfast!).

Big and I discussed, and he's checking into airfares from SF to Philadelphia on the weekend of September 17, 18, 19, and 20.

Now, I am really looking forward to Delta. (The other night, a comment made by a Chicago Hellfire Club full member upon learning that I was doing Delta but not Inferno this year--"so you're playing the lounge instead of the Big Room"--kinda gave me pause.)

Me and Big. Big and his boy. I'm new to Delta, as is Big. We'll be experiencing this new thing together. Amazing.


Lolita said...

Oh, please! You do know what the "full" in CHC full member is, dontcha?

Keckler said...

No, what?