Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Clear As Mud(hole)

Oh yeah.

Since the Insight on my drive to work on monday morning... I am having such a good week. Such a good week.

Work has been great. I am One with the Cabinets. On top of my game. I feel that I've finally gotten a handle on things.

Yesterday at Starbucks ("Just what the hell do you do at Starbuck's everyday?"), I had a really interesting conversation about post-modernism in architecture and sociology.

My muscles are sore from two days of good workouts at the gym.

When I got home today, my father had some Bad News for me. He had gotten a phone call today: my US Airways flight to Milwaukee on Friday was cancelled. (Maybe you have to know my father to get the import of what constitues Bad News and how best to deliver it. An urgent cell phone message had me flying home... Faithful Companion ran away? My sister-in-law's cancer has gone out of remission? *sigh*) I solved it with a phone call. I'm leaving at 7:15 rather than 7:55, I have a stopover in Chicago, but I get into Milwaukee at the same time.

Three different people, indepent of one another, told me that my tattoo was awesome.

And... And... Guess who just ran down to the end of the driveway and back???!! None other than Mr. Broken Ankle. It wasn't me flying like the wind down the baselines as I was doing before that damn first baseman got in my way back in June, but it was a run. No pain, no strain, no fuss, no muss.

Thanks again, Wolf. I owe you one.

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Hoss said...

Hangin' out drinkin' coffee and smokin' cigars at Starbuck's every evening! it's Heaven!