Saturday, June 23, 2007

Annual July Dessert/SM Extravaganza!

It's upon us again!

In two weeks, I'll be enjoying DogTopper and JPZapper's barbeque and dungeoun party.

And I'm obsessing about making the Ultimate Dessert again this year.

Last year, it was all about my tarts with lemon-cream filling topped with lemon curd.

This year, the flavors I'm thinking of combining are peach, ginger, and vanilla.

(Heh heh. Vanilla at a dungeon party. Cool.)

Man of Discipline may or may not be my guest this year. He'll be up at the Gay Campground In Northeastern Pennsylvania that weekend (not that gay campground, the other one), and might be able to shoot down for the festivities.

And I'll get to whip him! Yay! JPZapper and DogTopper have a gi-normous dungeon space, so possibly I'll be able to break out my long whips. Man of Discipline is so beyond training wheels.

So what do you all think about peaches-vanilla-ginger? Am I making any mouths water out there?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yum, Making my mouth water. Perhaps a touch of cin/cloves to add just a bite.