Wednesday, June 27, 2007

They Want You!

More than a decade before the Don't Ask Don't Tell fiasco, the United States Navy bankrolled the filming of this video with the hopes that it would bolster enlistment.

I kid you not.

The date on the video is 1979, so I'm guessing that would be after the infamous Saturday Night Live skit that blew the lid off the all of the homosexual innuendo and double entendres in the Village People's oeuvre.

And that begs the question: was the Navy out of their minds, or were they really and truly hoping that young American homos would rush to enlist? I'm forced to believe it was the latter.

(As we all know, this had no effect on bottoms. Bottoms enlist in the Marines. Always. Without exception. Trust me on that.)


--'bastian said...

Listen to Drew, he know of what he speaks! In San Diego there are numerous gay Marines, and they are all bottoms. Even a boy like me can find a hot ass to fuck when their around. :)

I did once meet an elusive Marine top. He was actually a very good top, though I still ended up fucking him eventually.

And grrrrrr, they take it so well!

beaver4 said...

Link does't work, says I may neeed a program I don't have to open page.

Lolita said...

The link is incorrect. You are missing the h in http.