Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Onward And Upward!

After I clicked "Publish Post" to get the post below to all of you, I sent away to my alma matter, Alvernia College, for my official transcripts, to be sent to Construction Management Schools I'm planning on attending. Then, I went online and applied for a Federal Student Financial Aid PIN. (Getting a PIN is the first necessary step in doing an application for money from the gov'mint so I can go to school.

I did have misgivings about the Hippie School job, since I've set my sites on going back to school to get a Construction Management Certificate. And gosh, that wouldn't mesh well with my job description there, so it would be pretty clear to them that they were but a stepping stone on my way to glory. So perhaps, rather than a swat from the Universe about my employability, rather this is a gentle reminder that I have a different path ahead, that doesn't involve raising money for a Hippie School in Upper Bucks County.

Message received, Universe!

I'm back on track.

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