Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Top Hot Chef

Holy Cow!

It's the opener for Season Three of Top Chef. I didn't catch much of Season One, but I sure enjoyed the eye candy that Sam provided in Season Two. And I liked Sam's cooking, too. And he was so great to look at. Ted Allen of Queer Eye fame responded when somebody commented that Sam was "kinda hot" by chiming in with, "Kind of?"

So that left me unprepared for the line up for all the piping hot beef on Season Three. You should see the guns on this guy, who lives in Chicago. The beautiful bear John--who did all his own carpentry!--on Top Design was from Chicago, too. It's a shame that town is so far away from the ocean. And then there's Joey. Living in NYC, guys like Joey are everywhere, so you forget what delectable morsels they are. Those Lovers Of Life who ask for more bread to mop up the last of the sauce. Here in the hinterlands, they're much fewer and farther between, so Joey is a pleasure. And, he's the chef at Café Des Artistes, so I've eaten his food. And Howie. Woooof! You just know that Howie likes a nice cigar after dinner. Brian seems pretty spicey. And he sure fills out his kitchen whites. I'm willing to bet that Clay has a nice Andouille sausage on him.

I think we need to see a naked batter fry Quick Fire challenge.

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