Friday, June 15, 2007

Gay Army


I know not how or why, but I get weekly emails from It's news, information, and entertainment for people currently or formerly serving in the military. The content is pretty good, and has deepened my appreciation of military journalism. The entertainment portion of is called "Shock And Awe." I was wasting time there looking at their tattoo gallery this morning when I stumbled upon this.

What is that?

"Five of the gayest men in Scandinavia..."?

It appears to be a slice of reality television that wasn't picked up by anyone. Why Scandinavia? Was it a production of the Norway equivalent of BravoTV? Before you go bringing it to the attention of GLAAD (Don't they have bigger fish to fry? Oh that's right. They only seem to fry really really small fish, most of which seem to have been netted in error), I'll go on record as saying it looks pretty interesting. RealityTV at it's best, wherein a disparate group fo people--in this case, the gayest of the gays in Scandinavia--are thrown together in a series of ordeals, and gain an appreciation of inner strength they didn't know they had, each other, and the strange world they've entered. Just like Paris and Nicole on that farm in Tennessee! I, for one, would be interested in seeing the obligatory "final episode interview" with the drill sargeant where he talks about his newfound respect for the gays.

Yet another kooky offering from the Internets. From me, to you.

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beaver4 said...

When the Tule early warning radar station in northern Greenland was established early in the cold war, a Danish contingent was perminently stationed there. The Danes stationed only gay males at that very important base.