Tuesday, June 19, 2007

'T'is A Gift To Be Simple

Simple Pleasures.

Those little incidental things that bring you joy. Not "joy" as in "jump for...", but just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and smile. That quiet and profound joy.

What are yours? What are those things that do it for you?

Here are a sampling of mine...

• Soaking In A Hot Tub
• Pho
That lovely, brothy vietnamese beef stew
• The Sunday New York Times
• A Day At The Beach
(This Friday! Woo-hoooo!)
• Cooking For Someone And Having Them Rave About It
• A Good Cigar
• Splitting Firewood
• Raw Oysters
• Walking Down The Street Holding Hands With A Handsome Man
• Compline
• Driving A Long Distance

And to that, I guess I'd add what I was doing just now:

• Sitting Out On The Screened In Porch During A Thunderstorm

So again, what are yours? Feel free to click on "Comments" and let me know.

And again, we're not looking for "Waking Up In A Suite At The Hotel Plaza Athenée In Paris With A Knock On The Door Announcing That Your Chocolat Chaud and Petit Pain Have Arrived" kind of thing. But more those small things.

Thunderstorm outside sounds like it's picking up again.


DFWRuffplay said...

Wakin' up in bed next to a warm boy, listening to the rain on the roof, and just drifting back into that fuzzy not-quite-sleep state with your arm draped protectively over him.

MsSnS said...

*a really good haircut
*seeing the first crocus and daffodils in spring
*the first taste of coffee after months of not drinking it
*a nest of baby bunnies
*a good storm, sunrise or sunset
*a walk in the woods or a day on a boat
*a long hot bath

Anonymous said...

* cuddling in Sir's arms after a good session, just listening to His heart beat and breathing
* Old classic movies, with a fire in fireplace, and my cats and a quilt
* Spa tubs, and thick terrycloth robes
* the smell of leather
* brownies just coming out of the oven, but chocolate chip cookies almost as good
* the sound of the beep, when the treadmill says you can stop
* the first breath of air after a good snow storm - clean, fresh, and cold.
* reading singletails blog (GRIN)

dave said...

walking the castro with my boyfriend, hand in hand
waking up early to the sound of birds on a summer morning before it gets too hot
massages by my boyfriend
being home alone
working with leather
air brushing
hot tea at Starbucks on 18th
seeing friends on the street

'bastian said...

Eating that first bite of good dark chocolate.

Seeing a close friend holding hands with his boyfriend. (It gives me hope)

Curling up on the couch to read a book with one hand draped onto the floor resting on my dog (real dog you fun perverts!)

Listening to a great album I had forgotten about (this week that would be Vertical Horizon's Running on Ice)

Just holding a man who I helped fly with flogging against my chest after it is done and listening to his breathing slow. [Yeah I'm a boy, that doesn't mean I can't help you fly ;) ]

The first smell of leather when I open the closet door.