Friday, June 01, 2007

But Aren't We All Heroes Really?

Cool! NBC is doing this thing where they'll add to their Heroes franchise by showing six episodes featuring as yet unseen PWSAs (People With Special Abilities). At some point, "viewers" (that would be me!!!) will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite, and that PWSA will be added to the series when it returns in the way too distant future.

So. Okay. Let's run through the line-up.

We've got a cheerleader who can heal/regenerate herself, a telepathic cop, a flying congressman, an office worker who can manipulate the time-space contnuum, a housewife with amazing strength, her husband who can walk through walls, their son who can manipulate IT, an artist who paints the future (now deceased), a woman who can alter your visual perception, a little girl who can pinpoint the location of anyone, a guy who can remove specific memories, and an invisible englishman. And, of course, the villain of the piece, who has acccumulated the special abilities of sundry PWSAs he's killed.

Why, like Bill Clinton's first cabinet, "that looks like America!", right?

Well, no.

Because just like Bill Clinton's first cabinet, although they're not all white and there's a good male-female mix, I don't see any homos. (Okay okay okay, Janet Reno and Donna Shalala are lesbians. But not in an especially public way. Although a blurb from Shalala appears on the back of my copy of the lesborific Rubyfruit Jungle.

But you getting at, right? How about a queer Hero?

Do I have an idea?

Why, yes! I do!

Most of the special abilities in Heroes have their counterparts in the Marvel Universe. And they've got a good representation. But there are a few Marvel characters who take on animal characteristics (Sabertooth, Toad, and there was a New Mutant who was a lycanthrope), but as yet, nada in the Heroes line-up.

(You see where this is going, don't you?)

So how about a gay werewolf?

How perfect would that be?

Ah well. We can only hope.

Maybe I'll send an email to (the overall useless) GLAAD and suggest that they at least see what they can do about getting a homo Hero.

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