Sunday, June 24, 2007

Will Somebody Please Buy This For Me?

Holy crap!

Among the dozens of palm cards with which I was proferred at Folsom Street East last week was an invite to Baña. Which looks amazing. Like, NYC Nightlife meets Moscow's Sandunovsky Banya.

Alas, I seem to have missed the June 22nd party advertised on the website and the palm card I received, but I sent them email and I hope to be able to make the next one. I love the idea of the "D-List Hunk" attending to my every need in the lockerroom. (Come to think of it, I just like the idea of a D-List Hunk period.

By no small coincidence, at Folsom Street East, I managed to assemble something to wear that was both water friendly and fetish-y, so I won't even have to think about what to wear. Whenever the next Baña rolls around, I'm ready.

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