Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Damn Hippies!

Well heck.

When I got up this morning, waiting for me in my email in box, was a note from the Hippie School telling me that after careful consideration, they decided I was not the person to for the Community Development Administrator position.


The expressed reason was that I didn't have a background in the philosophical underpinnings of the school, worked out by a German theosophist kinda guy.


I really liked the Hippie School, and I would have really enjoyed working there. (The drive to work alone would have been the equivalent of spending six years in a Buddhist monastery.) And I sort of have that feeling that... ummm... could there be a better qualified candidate out there? Seems a wee bit unlikely.

Oh. And my job at the Previous Place of emPloyment showed up on a non-profit jobs bulletin board.


I'm not panicking yet. But next month this time, if I don't at least have something cooking, then I'll be panicky.

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