Thursday, December 18, 2003


There's this guy I work with. He's beautiful. And, of course, straight.

He apparently was something of a high school football sensation. He's got this amazing beach ball beer belly. And a swagger to go with it. He got himself a haircut last night. A crew cut. Looks like number one blad on the sides.

I hope his wife appreciates what she's got. What a hot man. I had trouble focusing on my work today, as he had a lot of cause to be back in the finishing area. I almost woofed him.

And when I went to the john today, who should come in as I was leaving? I spent a lot of time washing my hands so I could watch him take a piss. He hiked up his gut, whipped out his dick, and let fly with a bladder-full.

My knees almost buckled, watching him there, feet well apart, head back, letting out an 'Ahhhhh!' of satisfaction as his piss hit the urinal.


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