Monday, December 29, 2003

Fleurs du MAL

Mid-Atlantic Leather, or MAL, the other poll in my kinky year, is upon us. MAL 2004 finds me flat broke. My name came up for a room at the host hotel, but upon reflection (and looking at the pile of bills I needed to pay), I decided I could not afford to have a hotel room.

Luckily, the man whose boots I serviced at Lambasting on Thanksgiving weekend has offered to put me up for the weekend, and he lives a wee five blocks from the host hotel. So I will indeed be in DC during MAL. And, given how well it worked for me to be able to get away to Mark Collier's apartment during IML weekend--when I grew tired of rubbing elbows with the hoi polloi--it may, in fact, be a peaceful and relaxing MAL for me.

Dang, I love MAL. For one thing, the Washington Plaza Hotel is possibly my favorite hotel of any where I've laid down my head. There's something about mid-Century design that just works so well for me. And I prefer the low-ceilinged lobby to that of whatever the name of the hotel is in Chicago where IML was held. You meander through the crowd, and familiar faces turn up like LIVE BAIT signs along a country road. Sweet delight.

If'n I had my way, I'd make inquiries about what would be involved in hosting a party during MAL. I would love love love to have a Singletails party, both to thank you, my dear readers, and to promote the site.

Permit me to thank you all. Truly I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started pouring out my most intimate thoughts, feelings, and experiences for the World Wide Internet. And, I had no idea how it would benefit me.

Among the many things that the Jesuits have bestowed upon Western Civilisation is the concept of Spiritual Direction. The idea is that you have a person who is sort of like a therapist. You meet with him or her on a regular basis, and simply talk about where you are in your relationship with God. The role of the spiritual director is not to offer insights, or let you know 'the Way,' or whatever, but just be the person you talk to. The importance is that you are meeting regularly, as this forces you to sit and reflect regularly about something that can often be shunted to the side in the ride on the Doolittle Push-Me-Pull-You that is life.

And that's what all of you have been for me. It's been a journalistic experience ("This will make such a great blog posting!"), but also, there have been the times when I've sat down with a blank mind and had nothing at all to write about. But I had to write. The Beast must be fed. Want to keep that hit counter soaring ever upwards! And so I would plunge in and write. Sometimes, I think these have been some of my better postings.

Anyway, I did it for you. And for forcing me to sit down and figure out What It All Means on a regular basis, I'm grateful. Profoundly grateful. My life is all the richer for it.

I wish I could host a party at MAL to express my gratitude. Serve up my stepmother's Baked Pineapple that has always wowed them at every covered dish dinner I've attended, let the libations flow freely, maybe organize a Singletails Trivia Quiz with all sorts of fabulous prizes. Make up tshirts. The whole nine yards.

But I can't.

Not this year anyway.

In the alternative, if you see me in the lobby of the Washington Plaza Hotel, feel free to flag me down, and I'll buy you a beer. (Domestic. Sorry. We're economizing.) Or... y'know... a soda pop or whatever.

Here's a pic taken of Yours Truly last year at MAL. I look pretty much the same, and I'll probably be wearing the great David Samuel Menkes leather flightsuit at some point during the weekend.

See you in DC!

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