Friday, March 09, 2007

Listening Inside The Box

Holy ear buds, Batman!

Do you guys know about Pandora?

It's so cool.

Apparently, it's an outgrowth of the "Music Genome Project," an effort by a bunch of musicians and music lovers somewhere in the big wide world to take songs and break them down into their basic musical components ("vocals-centric, blend of electric and acoustic guitars, in a major key," etc.). And the way it works is you type in the name of a song or an artist you like and Pandora starts playing songs by artists famous and obscure whose genotype matches your selection.

The aspect I like the best is the "artists obscure" part. Have you heard of Hayes Carll or the Starlight Mints? Well I sure hadn't till they popped up on my personal Pandora radio station.

The downside is that if I give into my yen to purchase all this new (to me) music I'm suddenly exposed to on iTunes, I will very quickly go broke.

So be careful. Remember what the outcome was for this website's namesake.

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