Saturday, March 10, 2007

Now Why Didn't You Think Of That?

To many New Yorkers In The Know, the title of this piece will bring a smile of recognition.

it was one of the segments on the amazing Brini Maxwell Show, which ran on Manhattan local cable in the late 1990s. Brini is better experienced than described. Here's the website, which I stumbled upon almost by accident.

It seems that Brini is contemplating a move to Palm Springs (me, too!). That's exciting! And what's more, reading through the "About Brini" page, I solved a longstanding problem: Just what do you call your dungeon? I mean, yeah, it's your dungeon, and your fellow BDSMers know what to expect. But how about the uninitiated? And also, "Dungeon" is pretty loaded with expectations, huh? Like torch bearing sconces on the walls, subterranean, etc.

So I'm taking a page from Brini's book: it's a rumpus room! I like what that evokes: the St. Andrew's Cross and the cages, but also the turkish corner and noguchi lamps.

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Timbo said...

If I had one (And I Don't)-

It would be called "Narnia".

CS Lewis would be so proud.