Friday, March 23, 2007

Theory Of Flannel

So flannel shirts are pretty much over, right?

Flannel used to be What You Wore With Leather when you went out to the leather bar.

And I love flannel shirts. Every fall I'd go out and buy one or two new ones. When I was a poor college student, starving in a garret, this meant a trip to K-Mart, where I could pick them up for $4.99. Or, in fatter times, pricier fare made by Woolrich. They'd start off the year sort of stiff, but with these beautiful deep, rich, over-saturated colors. Reds, blacks, greens, blues, yellows. In high school, from October to April, I wore a flannel shirt just about every day. Flannel shirt, jeans, boots. Pretty much the uniform. And flannel shirts were in the mix during my punk rock era, too. And when I first moved to NYC, one day I stumbled upon All American Boy on Christopher Street west of Hudson. And there they all were, lined up on hangers, covering an entire wall. It was pretty much Clone-Central. And I was in Flannel Heaven.

The 90s brought the advent of Nirvana and the whole Lumber-Surf look. So once again, it was all about flannel.

But these days, not so much, huh?

Under Armor seems to have replaced flannel.

And I'm fine with that. I was a pioneer in the wearing of form-fitting athletic garments made from miracle fabrics of the 21st Century.

But on a day like today, mild, damp, cool... What I want to be wearing is a nice warm cotton flannel shirt.

So I am.

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rich said...


Nice work on the 400 grand.

And great idea, going to New York. You always seem happier when you're out of Walden Pond.