Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Taking My Carharrts To Good Will

...and replacing them with Balls Out Jeans.

[Credit where credit is due goes to The Ashton Cruz Zoo. (Who has more than his balls out in the pic accompanying his weblog.]


The Ashton Cruz Zoo said...

Hey Drew. thanks for giving my blog a shout out, way cool man, way cool. Ill post a link to your blog in mine as a hearthfelt thanks. You and your readers are welcomed at my Zoo anytime!

Cheers mate

Ashton Cruz

Drew said...

Whoa! WHOA!

Ashton Cruz posted a comment on Singletails! I'm all kinds of starstruck by that.

And his pics make me all kindsa weak in the knees.

The Ashton Cruz Zoo said...

LOL you're a cutie. How's your dad?

Drew said...

And you are a smokin hot man.

My dad is old and cranky, it's been the same deal for the past decade or so.

And thanks for asking.